1. Social Beings: Dolphins are incredibly social creatures and can often be found swimming in groups called pods or pods. In these groups, they communicate with each other through a wide variety of sounds and physical signals.

2. Exceptional Intelligence: Dolphins are known for their remarkable intelligence. They are capable of learning tricks, solving problems and even recognizing themselves in a mirror, a skill they share with very few animals in the world.

3. Playful Behavior: Dolphins love to play and have been known to perform a variety of stunts and jumps while in the water. This playful behavior is not only fun to watch, but also indicates a high level of well-being in these animals.

4. Navigation Skills: Dolphins are excellent swimmers and can reach impressive speeds in the water. They use their keen intelligence to skillfully navigate the oceans and seas, even in turbulent waters.

5. Innate Curiosity: Dolphins are extremely curious creatures and often show interest in humans and other marine species. They have been known to approach boats and people in the water to observe and interact.

6. Echolocation System: Dolphins use an echolocation system to navigate and search for food in the water. They emit high-frequency sounds that bounce off objects and allow them to "see" their surroundings, even in total darkness.

7. Prolific Life: Female dolphins can have babies approximately every two or three years and the gestation period lasts between 10 and 12 months. The young are cared for by their mothers and often remain close to them for several years after birth.
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