1. Longevity: Some whale species can live up to 90 years or more in the wild, making them some of the longest-lived mammals in the world.

2. Size: The blue whale is the largest animal that has ever existed on Earth, with specimens that can reach lengths of up to 30 meters and weigh more than 200 tons, almost the same weight as a commercial airplane!

3. Food: Despite their enormous size, blue whales feed mainly on krill, small crustaceans that they filter from the water in large quantities, consuming up to 3.6 tons of krill per day during the feeding season.

4. Synchronized Breathing: Whales are air-breathing mammals, so they must rise to the surface to take in air. They have a specific and characteristic breathing sequence: three to five quick exhalations followed by a deep breath, to be able to dive, depending on the species, between 500 and 1000 meters deep.

5. Mysterious Melodies: Humpback whales are famous for their complex songs, which can last up to 20 minutes and travel hundreds of kilometers across the ocean. Although the exact purpose of these songs is completely unknown, it is believed that they may play a role in communication and mating.

6. Curious Exploration: Although they may seem like calm creatures, whales also show curiosity towards humans and other marine species. They are known to approach boats and people in the water, showing a playful and exploratory side to their nature.
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