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Seamind experience

Experiencia con MANTARAYAS

Experiencia con MANTARAYAS

Recogida y vuelta en Hotel

Snorkelling and sighting with wild manta rays:

Experience the unforgettable experience of swimming alongside majestic manta rays in the crystal clear waters of Nusa Penida - get ready for an underwater adventure full of natural wonders!

What is it all about?

Embark on an exciting day with our manta ray experience, which includes 3 activities with a total duration of 4-5 hours:

🌊 Manta ray spotting.

🤿 Snorkelling and swimming with manta rays

🪸 Exploration of the vibrant coral reefs and their impressive marine life.

What's included?

Enjoy a unique marine experience with our all-inclusive package:

🌊 English speaking local guide with extensive experience.

🥤 Snacks and beverages during the experience

☕ Coffee and tea

🍌 Homemade fried bananas

🍉 Fresh fruit (watermelon)

🤿 Full snorkelling equipment to explore the underwater world

🌞 Life jacket

🎥 GoPro equipment to capture unforgettable memories (+390k IDR)

🚐 Hotel pick up and drop off (Optional)

🌊Seamind stands out for its responsible ecotourism practices, ensuring a respectful encounter with nature and its marine creatures.


On private tour, you can take it at the following times:

- 7:00 am (to take advantage of the morning calm and better visibility)
- 8:00 am
- 9:00 am

We recommend the early morning tour for a quieter and less crowded experience.

By shared boat, departures are generally at 8:00 am (except for large groups).

*Maximum boat capacity: 7 persons

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